Useful information

Int.week takes place at Tavaszmező (Springfield) Campus, 8th district, Tavaszmező utca 17.
Opposite (with roman numbers on top of facade): Building TA. On the left the new red-brick building is TG.

According to the timetable here:
There will be a student host for each lesson (hopefully) who opens the classroom, helps to put together the technics if necessary, takes care of the administration of which signing the attendance sheet by the students is the most important element.
As a block is 4 time 45 min long it is up to you how many breaks you’ll give. At least one is recommended, at our university 90 mins (double lessons) in one run is used the most frequently but you can divide your block into more pieces if you want.
In the break(s) you are kindly invited to the dept. office for a coffee and/or some bis-cuits.

Technical paramters:
Here in Hungary we have 230 V 50 Hz electricity, outlets with two holes and ground on the sides. Click here for example.
Projectors are equipped with VGA interface. Wireless in buildings TA and TG.

Food and drink: You’ll be given a lunch ticket that can be used in the university restaurant, Egyetem menza, Tavaszmező utca either for a regular canteen lunch or in the same value for whatever you may want to eat/drink there.

Transport from and to the airport: Taxis at the airport are trustworthy, and in most cases You can pay by card. It might be important, since the exchange rate at the airport is not the best.

With public transport
Route planer: BKK Futar
Maps and useful information about the public transport here
Be careful: for 100E you need a special ticket while for 200E normal tickets can be used.
There is a ticket wending machine close the exit gate of the airport.

Bus no. 100E goes from airport to Deák tér (city, Metro connection),

Bus no. 200E goes from airport to Kőbánya-Kispest (Metro connection during the week and Metro replacement buses on weekends)

Tickets, season tickets can be bought at ticket vending machines (with English language), an ID-card number must be entered.
Machines look like this.
It is advisable rather to use a bankcard than cash.

Alternatively you can use BudapestGo application.
Information video:

Recommended transfer companies:

Transportation within Budapest The cheapest way is probably to buy block(s) of 10 tickets (3 000 Ft) or the 15 day pass (6 300 Ft) 72 hours ticket (5 500 Ft) 24 hours ticket (2 500 Ft). Information: You can
do so in ticket offices as well as by using ticket wending machines, or you can buy time based tickets (30 minutes/90 minutes) via the Budapest Go application.

Lectures and training hours: Please arrive to the venue at least 10 minutes before the lecture starts. In the building receptionists will show You the direction to the lecture room and within the rooms assistants will help You.

About Budapest: