Marketing master course

Effective date: 2023/2024 school year

Name of the Master Course:

Master in Marketing

Qualification of the course and title in the Diploma

a) Qualification: Master in marketing
b) Title: certified economist
c) The title in English: Economist in Marketing

Field of training

Economic sciences

Objectives of the master course

The aim of the training is to train marketing professionals who can work in various business and non-business organisations, institutions and enterprises marketing activities. With the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired are able to develop marketing strategies, to develop marketing strategies in the broad sense of the term marketing activities, projects management in various organisations, and professional programmes, to manage the necessary marketing tools, and to content of marketing tools, coordinate the implementation of tasks, liaising with internal and external functions and organisations. organising, managing and coordinating using modern infocommunication tools in two foreign languages communicate in oral and written form They are prepared to continue their studies at doctoral level.

Duration of training

Full-time: 4 semesters

Credit requirements

120 credits

Required language skills and linguistic training

There are no foreign language requirements for issuing the degree according to the legislation of NFtv. § 51.

Physical Education

It is a criterion subject in the full-time course, which is advertised in the 1st, and 2nd, semesters in weekly 2 hours.

Training methods

  1. Full time

Means of valuation

a) midterm mark (m): grade acquired during the semester based on assessments in academic and practical subjects
b) exam mark (e): in which case the grade can be given either by the result of the exam itself or by the combination of the exam’s result and the performance during the semester. In the latter case the grade is determined at least 50% by the exam’s result and not more than 50% of the assessments during the semester.
c) final exam (fe)

Conditions of admission for the final exam

  1. fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum and obtaining the final certificate (absolutorium)
  2. thesis accepted by the two reviewers

The condition of being admitted for the final exam is obtaining the absolutorium. The pre-degree certificate is issued to a student who has met the course and examination requirements specified in the curriculum, has completed the required professional practice and has obtained the required credits – with the exception of preparing the thesis and satisfying the language criterion. The student can be admitted to the final exam only after obtaining his/her absolutorium. The final exam may be taken during the examination period after the absolutorium, or within two years after the student status has ended in any exam periods obeying the regulations of the actual period. After the fifth year of the termination of the student status the final exam cannot be obtained.

Phases of the final exam

The final exam comprises of the defence of the thesis and oral exams specified in the curriculum (with preparation times at least 30 minutes per exam), which have to be taken on the same day. The student has to be able to prove the preparedness to use the knowledge obtained during his/her studies. The complex exam contains the following subjects: Innovation marketing, Innovation project management, Marketing logistics and supply chain management, Applied market research, Product and price policy.

Result of the final exam

The overall result of the final examination is based on the average of the grade obtained for the thesis and that attained by the oral exam on the subjects of the final exam:
F = (Th + S1+S2+…+Sm)/(1+m).

Conditions of issuing a diploma

Successful final exam


The present document applies from September 2023 and should be used in a phasing-out system.