Engineering Management / Technical Management bachelor course

Effective date: 2017/2018 school year

2020-              Engineering management

2017-2020      Technical management

1. Training goal

Training Engineering/Technical Managers who are equipped with appropriate knowledge in natural and technical science, economic and organisational skills which are needed for the integrated solutions in production and services regarding the material, financial and IT fields as well as human resources.

2. Training duration:

full time, 7 semesters, 2340 hours

3. Credits to be obtained:

210 credits

4. Educational level and qualification indicated in the degree:

Name of bachelor course:

Engineering management (2020- ) Technical Management (2017-2020)
Educational level: bachelor (baccalaureus, Bachelor of Sciences, abbreviated: BSc)
Qualification: Engineering manager (2020- ) Technical Manager (2017-2020)

5. Main areas of the training

Credit points
Mathematics and natural sciences40
Economics and human sciences28
Professional core curriculum77
Optional subjects10

6. Internship

Doing profession practice outside the institution is a criterion of the training. The duration of the internship is 6 weeks.

7. Physical Education

It is a criterion subject in the full-time course, which is advertised in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters in weekly 2 hours.

8. Language requirements, language training

There are no foreign language requirements for issuing the degree according to the legislation of NFtv. § 51.

9. Form of the training:

full time

10. Knowledge testing:

midterm mark, exam, final exam

11. Conditions of admission for the final exam:

  • obtaining the pre-degree certificate;
  • degree thesis accepted by the reviewer.

The condition of being admitted for the final exam is obtaining the pre-degree certificate. The pre-degree certificate is issued to a student who has met the course and examination requirements specified in the curriculum and the required professional practice – with the exception of preparing the thesis – and obtained the required credits.

12. Components of the final exam:

The final exam comprises the defence of the thesis and oral exams specified in the curriculum (with preparation times at least 30 minutes per subject), which have to be taken the same day.

13. The result of the final exam

The overall result of the final examination is the average of grades obtained for the thesis and the subjects of the oral part of the final exam:

F = (Th + S1+S2+…+Sm)/(1+m).

14. Cooperative Training

The one- or two semester long cooperative professional practice module is a voluntary and supplementary practical experience programme for full-time bachelor programme. During cooperative professional practice, students work on-site for companies participating in the cooperative programme of the university in order to gain professional experience.

15. Conditions of issuing certificates

  • Succesful terminal
  • Fulfilling the requirements of studying foreign languages.

16. Optional specializations:

  • Corporate Strategy – Electrical Engineering                         Technical management
  • Process Management                                                Engineering management
  • Corporate Managemen                                             Engineering management

17. Effective date: 2017/2018 school year


Semester Semester when you have started your studies at our faculty
2017/2018 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2018/2019 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2019/2020 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2020/2021 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2021/2022 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2022/2023 (Curriculum “E”)Full Time Course
2023/2024 (“Curriculum “F”)Full Time Course