For Students

Language: English

Students who registered for the subject “New challenges of the 21st Century” in the Neptun will receive credits (ECTS) if they meet the requirements. Registered students are obliged to write a test on the last week of the semester in the Moodle system to fulfil the requirements and gain a final grade of the subject. There will be at least two dates for the test and they will be published in the Moodle.

Attendance: Registered students have to participate personally in five blocks of 4*45 min long lessons or equivalent at least. That is the formal minimum according to the regulations.

Programme: (see link on the right) will be finalized by the previous week. Students who have registered for this course in the Neptun are required to register for the individual lessons in the Moodle on the previous week.

Lessons are open: All students, lecturers and other staff members are most welcome to the lectures and seminars of the International Week.