Management, Enterprise and Benchmarking

Management, Enterprise and Benchmarking (MEB) nemzetközi konferencia fórumot biztosít a tudomány, a gazdaság és az üzleti terület képviselőinek tapasztalataik megosztására és a párbeszédre.

MEB 2024 ,,Paradigm Shift: Path to Shared Drift”” is our 22nd international conference aiming to provide a forum for presenting and discussing novel aspects of and data about relevant fields of research and practice. We strive to provide an opportunity for exchanging knowledge and premonitions regarding the topics to be addressed throughout the event.

MEB 2024

19-20 April, 2024 For registration please visit our registration website

TOPICS within the scope of the conference will include:

  • Effects of war on international business
  • Sanctions and world economy
  • War and international financial affairs
  • Aftereffects of pandemic
  • Business development during and after pandemic
  • New experiences on business continuity
  • Distance learning
  • Home office
  • Clusters and Networks
  • Industrialization
  • Social and Economic Sustainability
  • Regional Development and Politics
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Applied Marketing
  • Financial Affairs
  • Human Resources Management
  • Informatics
  • Ethical issues

Prospective participants are kindly asked to fill in the online registration form which will be opened from 1st March 2024. Registration fee: 100 EUR/40 000 HUF Registration fee for ERENET members: 50 EUR/20 000 HUF. Further information & Registration : MEB website

The submission deadline is 31 May 2024. Papers go through double blind review. Revised papers of 6-10 pages shall arrive no later than 30 June 2024 and must follow the paper guidelines. English, as well as Hungarian papers (and their presentations) are also welcome. Accepted papers will be published in electronic conference proseedings with ISBN number.

We are planning the conference online. However we are hopeful that as many of you as possible will be allowed to travel and participate in person.
The registration deadline for personal participation is 5 April.

The official language of the conference is English and Hungarian.

Organized and sponsored by
Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management Óbuda University, Hungary

In cooperation with Erenet Networ