ÓE KGK VFI angol nyelvű szakdolgozat témái

Suggested thesis topics in English

Dr. Deák Zsuzsanna, egyetemi docens

1. Development of business performance indicators (Balanced Scorecard/KPI, etc.)
2. Complex evaluation of a given company
3. Role of labeling, packaging, country of origin in food purchasing
4. Investigating the sustainability of a selected country’s economy
5. Sustainable investment, sustainability rating schemes
6. Any other topic relating to Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, Environmental risks, economic impacts.

Fehér-Polgár Pál, tanársegéd

1. Biometric authentication – problems, questions, solutions in theory or in practice
2. Password breaking possibilities
3. Big brother and the question of data security
4. Usage and legal questions of Torrenting
5. Benchmarking in practice
6. E-commerce in practice
7. Search engine advertisement strategy
8. Analysis of public perceptions of trust
9. Impact of trust on consumer behavior
10. Brand loyalty, the development of the internet on marketing and e-commerce

Dr. Gyarmati Gábor, adjunktus

1. The emergence of a three-dimensional economy or morality in the economy.
2. Presenting and comparing the Islamic banking system with your homeland.
3. The economic aspects of alcoholism, especially for work
4. Economic aspects of cigarette consumption, or what is the effect of cigarette smoking a workforce
5. efficiency?
6. The art of leadership, that is, through an example, to examine what can be leadership in art
7. Investigating the sustainability of a selected country’s economy
8. HACCP practical questions for a selected company
9. The effects and economic outcomes of the New Olympics, why an Olympics succeed?
10. Economic Impact of Different Health Parameters- What Economic Consequences would we be healthier if
11. we were?
12. Competitiveness issue through a concrete example
13. An analysis of an organization or management topic with a statistical tool system What is the Hungarian
14. company leader? Analysis through concrete examples.

Dr. Keszthelyi András, egyetemi docens

1. Paradigm shift: privacy in the 21st century
2. Investigation of password selecting/using habits
3. (Partial) data modeling of a scholar information system
4. Cyber crime and defense
5. Ethical problems of (in) the virtual world

Dr. Takácsné Prof. Dr. György Katalin egyetemi tanár

(In English for Business Development course)
1. Change management as one of the keys to a successful company.
2. Possibilities of horizontal and vertical integration, its economic role in economy
3. Sustainability. Corporate Responsibility. Environmental risks, economic impacts.
4. The relationship between the success of SMEs and innovation
5. Furthermore, after discussion, another topic can be accepted that is appropriate to the purpose of the training, suitable for conducting independent research.