Project work

Purpose of subject

Students should familiarize with the course of the design, organization, solution and presentation of a real, practical industrial and / or economic problem in team work, by way of the elaboration of independent partial tasks. In line with industrial, commercial and service company demands, to ensure the competence-based capacity building of students, primarily in the areas of cooperation and team work, and in putting theoretical knowledge into practice. As a result of such work, a procedure, device or other intellectual product will be developed which integrates an economic and technical approach in elaborating the task, such as a complete business plan, or details to work out several specific parts thereof, or the development of a complete company project. In the course of project work, students can master the problem solving ability, approach, and way of thinking expected at their future place of work after graduating from the university.

Considerations for forming teams

Project work can provide opportunities for students involved in different areas of science to cooperate in practice with the assistance of institutional coordinators.
When forming teams, it is important that members should have different competencies supplementing each other (e.g. a team should include students with good communication / organizational skills, students who are precise, endowed with analytical skills, well-versed in research work, system thinkers, etc.).
It is proposed to integrate individual company connections to implement the common purposes of teams.
Team headcount: 3 persons / project.

Subject features

  • A subject scheduled for semester 6, announced as part of the economics specialization.
  • Credit value: 4.
  • Weekly number of lessons: 0+0+2
  • Type of requirement: Intra-semester mark.
  • Preliminary requirement: a minimum of 130 credits, and 1 professional subject completed at the economics specialization and 1 professional subject completed if technical specialization exists on the course.
  • The preliminary requirement of the subject titled Degree Project is the subject titled Project Work, but it is also possible to sign up for the two subjects parallelly.
  • The Degree Project can represent a continuation of the results of the subject titled Project Work (a further research on the topics and the elaborations of details).

Educational arrangements for the subject

Subject requirements

Extra information

It is possible – moreover, it is even strongly supported – for students from different institutes and different faculties to form a joint project group. However, dealing with this in Neptune requires regulation at the university level, so this should be included in the university regulations.


Optional weekly assignments

Topic proposals

Topic proposals for Projectwork subject