Complaint Handling

Dear Student!

Please be informed that the Student Complaints Handling Task Force has been established at the Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management,  which was set up to handle and respond to academic and administrative problems concerning students.

Please contact this forum with any complaints you may have by e-mail:

If you do send your letter to the teacher/vice dean of education/dean, it will automatically be forwarded to Work Group and you will receive a reply from there.

Before contacting the working group, please inform yourself on the website of the KGK and on Neptun, where you will find the subject descriptions, the university regulations and other information material.


The Work Group is not responsible for dealing with applications or general questions relating to studies, please continue to contact the Study Office only.

You are also requested to forward your complaint to the Working Group if you have already tried to resolve the situation with the parties concerned but have been unsuccessful.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I wish you a successful semester!