Subject requirements

  1. During the completion of the subtasks, the groups upload a minimum of 2 pages per week to the Moodle interface of the Lab Course according to a pre-defined schedule. This will be evaluated by the consultant within a week. The corrections should appear in the final document. Each task is scored by the consultant from 1 to 5, which is recorded on the Assessment Sheet. (Appendix V)
  2. The final project document shall be uploaded to the Moodle system under the LECTURE scene by 12.00 noon on the Friday of the 13th week.
  3. Presentations shall be delivered in the 14th week of the study period. Its schedule will be published by the subject coordinator on the institute’s website in the 13th week (Appendix VII).
  4. The subject mark is required to be obtained by the 10th working day of the examination period.
  5. In respect of the mark, the mid-term performance is 50%, the proportion of the Project Documentation is 30%, and that of the presentation is 20% (Appendix V).
  6. Group-based evaluation is also allowed; the scores thus obtained shall be divided amid team members in the form of a grade, which is finalized by the consultant. The evaluation criteria can be found on the Evaluation Sheet (Appendix V).
  7. No making up shall be allowed in this subject.

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