Educational arrangements for the subject

  1. The deadline for setting up teams and selecting topics shall be the end of the period to register for subjects; by 12 noon on this day, the consultant shall hand over the completed, checked, signed copy of Appendix I to the subject lead at the relevant institution; one professor can lead a maximum of 8 projects.
  2. Student admission is done by applying for a LECTURE (e-learning) at the institute where the consultant is in a legal relationship. (This ensures that students from different courses make joint project work).
  3. The topic and the team can be changed or modified by 12 noon on the second day of the registration week with the permission of the consultant. On this day, the Neptun administrator opens as many lab groups as there are accepted projects in the instructor’s name). (Appendix II)
  4. By the last day of the registration week, students shall sign up for the LAB course with the serial number specified by the consultant.
  5. Students without a topic and a tutor will be removed from the LECTURE course on the first day of the study period.
  6. After choosing the student project topic, during the registration week, the consultant and the project group jointly determine the minimum 4 topics (3 core subjects and 1 economic or technical specialization subject) that will be developed in the given task during the semester. The schedule includes 12 sub-tasks with a weekly deadline (together with the overall project document and the presentation), which are prepared by 1-1 students in a proportional distribution within the group (4x 3 tasks). (Appendix III)
  7. It is not possible to take the subject with subsequent admission.
  8. In the first week, a research methodology lecture will be given by the consultant.
  9. Students shall keep a work diary of the completed weekly assignments, which is certified by the signatures of the other team members. (Appendix IV)
  10. The course should end with a presentation and a project final document (Appendix VI). It is advisable to organize the presentation in front of lecturers and students, as well as external guests at the institute level, with the participation of the institute coordinator (Appendix VII).
  11. The Moodle system should be used to upload the weekly subtasks, the project final document, the presentation, the work diary and the self-assessment (each student describes his / her comments on the group and his / her own work in a maximum of 1 page).

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