Jelenlegi hely

„Learning educates, work enriches”
(Károly Keleti)

Allow me to welcome you on behalf of the Management of the Keleti Faculty of Business and Management of Óbuda University!

„Provided we are in possession of fairly extensive knowledge, we can be competitive, productive and ethical in our duties”, as was stated 140 years ago by Károly Keleti, Economist-Statistician after whom the faculty was named. This quotation is still relevant today and we therefore regard it as our main responsibility to provide the best conditions for our students in order to enable them to succeed in life. Companies are fully aware of the fact that their competitiveness, the acquisition and then maintenance of their competitive advantage is dependent on the skills and qualifications of their workforce.

Our faculty awards marketable degrees in three majors (Engineering Manager BSc, Management and Business Administration BSc, and Commerce and Marketing BSc) after successful completion of seven semesters and 210 credits. The majority of students are usually contracted by their future employers during their university education.

Our faculty has a very good reputation in professional circles; it is no coincidence that more and more students are applying for admission.

The key to our success is the continuous development of international co-operation, teachers and lecturers of a high standard and a superb infrastructural background. More than one third of our teachers have PhD qualifications as well as many years of experience. Since the 2006/2007 school-year the Faculty has been located in a newly erected building which has fulfilled all expectations.

The linear training structure of the teaching of the major subjects – adapting to the volatile needs of the labour market – provides the most important knowledge for the professional specialisation of the MA/MSc training, while a scientific degree can be obtained via a PhD.

There are full-time and correspondence courses as well as distance learning courses.

Besides an excellent professional background Keleti Faculty offers something additional: the opportunity for a lively community life and responsible way of living.

Budapest, 2011.
dr. András Medve, Dean