MEB 2019 Proceedings

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MEB — 17th International Conference on Management, Enterprise, Benchmarking. Proceedings

ISBN 978-963-449-127-9

Managing editor: Szikora Péter

Edited by Fehér-Polgár Pál

Óbuda University
Keleti Faculty of Business and Management
Budapest, MMXIX

Table of Contents

Front Cover and Table of Contents
Sanela Arsić, Sandra Vasković, Isidora Milošević, Andjelka Stojanović, Ivan Mihajlović
Employees’ attitude towards CSR in SMEs in Eastern Serbia
Rok Črešnar, Zlatko Nedelko
Competencies as a Criterion for Assessing the Readiness of Organizations for Industry 4.0 - A Missing Dimension
Pál Fehér-Polgár
Managerial decision options about BYOD with the consideration of shadow IT
Anna Francsovics, Agnes Kemendi, Attila Piukovics
Controlling as a Management Function
Miroljub Hadžić, Petar Pavlović
The room for improvement competitiveness and innovation
Fatmir Guri, Elena Kokthi, Anikó Kelemen-Erdős
Consumers’ Perceptions about Food Safety Issues: Evidence from Albania
Gábor Gyarmati
The situation of environment protection in Hungary and in the EU.
Csilla Kohlhoffer-Mizser
Leadership and Decision-Making. And What is Behind Them
Nikolett Madarász, Péter Szikora
Hungary's role in developing autonomous cars
Ivana Marinović Matović
The Analysis of Cluster Development in the Republic of Serbia
Amanor Moses Padi, Andrea Benedek
Examination of the Current Higher Educational System at the Industry 4.0 Among Students
Árpád Papp-Váry
Country branding as a special type of place branding – An overview of the related terminology
Árpád Papp-Váry, Máté Farkas
Who has the strongest brand? The position of the Visegrád Four in country brand rankings
Mihály Panyi, Regina Zsuzsánna Reicher
Succes Factors of CRM projects
Noémi Piricz
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal” – What can we learn from the fashion industry?
Vojko Potocan, Dejana Zlatanović, Zlatko Nedelko
Innovativeness in higher education organizations
Ledia Thoma, Elena Kokthi, Anikó Kelemen-Erdős
Analyzing Consumer Preferences for Honey: Empirical Evidence from Albania
Sandra Vasković, Sanela Arsić, Slavica Stevanović, Djordje Nikolić, Isidora Milošević
Facebook use for academic purposes
Jaroslav Zaremba, Pavol Kurdel
Professional Technical Evaluation of Workers for their Incorporation in the Industry 4.0
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