Curriculum of Technical Management BSc

Jelenlegi hely

1. Aim of the course:
Training Technical Managers who are equipped with appropriate knowledge in natural and technical science, economic and organisational skills which are needed for the integrated solutions in production and services regarding the material, financial and IT fields as well as human resources.

2. Duration:
Regular (full-time) course: 7 semesters, 2490 contact classes (without physical education and foreign language courses)

3. Number of credits to obtain: 210 credits

4. Educational level and qualification indicated in the degree:
Name of bachelor course: Technical Management
Educational level: bachelor (baccalaureus, Bachelor of Sciences, abbreviated: BSc)
Qualification: Technical Manager

5. Main areas of the course:

Mathematics and natural sciences 40
Economics and human sciences 28
Professional core curriculum 77
Specialization 40
Optional subjects 10
Thesis 15
Total: 210

6. On-site practice:
Duration of on-site practice is minimum 6 weeks without interruption.

7. Physical education:
It is a criterion subject which is scheduled in the 2nd and 3rd semesters in 2 classes per a week.

8. Foreign language literacy requirements:
There are no foreign language requirements for issuing the degree according to the legislation of NFtv. § 51.

9. Types of training:

    a) Regular (full-time)

10. Means of evaluation:

    a) Assignment
    b) Examination
    c) Final examination

11. Conditions to take the final exam:

    a) Final certificate
    b) Thesis approved by a reviewer

Admission to the final examination is subject to the obtainment of a final certificate. The final certificate is issued to students having fulfilled all educational requirements specified in the curriculum – except for writing the thesis – and obtained the necessary amount of credits.

12. Components of the final exam:
The final exam comprises the defence of the thesis and oral exams specified in the curriculum (with preparation times at least 30 minutes per subject), which have to be taken the same day.

13. Result of the final examination:
The overall result of the final examination is the average of grades obtained for the thesis and the subjects of the oral part of the final exam:

    F =(Th + S1+S2+…+Sm)/(1+m).

14. Conditions to issue the degree:

    a) Successful final exams
    b) Fulfilment of foreign language requirements

15. Possibility of cooperative practice:
The one- or two semester long cooperative professional practice module is a voluntary and supplementary practical experience programme for full-time bachelor programme. During cooperative professional practice, students work on-site for companies participating in the cooperative programme of the university in order to gain professional experience.

16. Date of effect:

    1 September 2010 (Hungarian)
    1 September 2015 (English) in phasing-out system

17. Minimum number of students to start the course: 15

Óbuda University, founded on 1 January 2010, is the legal successor of Budapest Tech; this curriculum is based on the curriculum of Budapest Tech in effect from 1 September 2008.

Technical Management - full-time course table