Scientific Students' Conference (TDK)

Jelenlegi hely

The Óbuda University Scientific Students' Association is organizing the spring Scientific Students' Conference in April.

The conference must be preceded by the following:

1) Registration from:

2) If you have a Neptun system code and password you must register from the title "Hallgatói Belépés" , but if you still don't have the system code you must register from "Diak Belépés".You may also need to explain your topic.

3) You are free about your topic.(But for to learn your consultant teacher who will assist you about your paper you can send a mail to and Dr.Kornélia can tell you which professor will assist you.)

4) On March 22, 2018, Thursday (12:00), you must sign up for the conference with a brief summary of the essay, which you will need to submit later in person (the printed version must be signed by your consultant).The material so compiled will be submitted to the chairman of the Scientific Student Council on 22 March 2018.(For Keleti Károly Gazdasági Kar: Lazányi Kornélia, room TA 125.,

5) After completing the thesis - after completing the university's plagiarism control system - 12 April (Thursday) noon (12:00 hrs) must be recorded in the KGK -TDK system.

A XLVII. The ceremonial announcement of the Scientific Students' Conference will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2018 at 17:00 in Józsefváros.

End of the conference if you succeded you can go to NATIONAL TDK CONFERENCE)