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Language: English

Lessons are open: All students, lecturers and other staff members are most welcome to the lectures and seminars of the International Week.

Registered students of the subject “New challenges of the 21st Century” will receive credits (ECTS) if they meet requirements. Registered students are obliged to write a test in the examination period to fulfil the requirements and gain a final grade of the subject.

Attendance: Registered students have to participate in at least ten, 90-minute-long lessons (any 10 of the lessons listed in the schedule) to fulfil the requirements of attendance (based on Learning and Examining Rules of Students at OE). Registered students get personal certificate about the lectures visited.


  1. You have to learn from all the materials - even if You did not attend all the classes - and than you will be given 10 questions (with, a,b,c,d alternative answers).
  2. You will be graded on the basis of a test.
  3. The test (written) is going to be on the first week of the exam period you will see the exact time and place it in the Neptun.